Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lilly's Words of Wisdom

To My new friends,

Times are not easy at the moment, not even this household is not without it's drama. So I don't want to sell you something that is not useful, would make a difference in your life, even the way you think.

I do have the right to present a product (Magic of Making Up) that may, or may not, change you in some way.

Suggestions are my way of thinking.

Take what you need and store the rest to share with a friend or it may come in handy years down the road.

I believe in honesty, Integrety, while being conscience of what is right, and wrong.

I can't remend anything that I haven't tried or experienced first hand in my own life. Having a
guide beside you sometimes is helpful, but being a friend with a few suggestions is more
personalible. We all need close friends when in times of trouble. Personally, I need someone to
talk, and as I suspect, you do too.

So my friend,

How can I help?

These articles I'm going to share with you (one a week), are suggestions ONLY! You know your life, I don't! Share it with a friend that needs you. Open your mind to a friend that is trying to understand, even if it doesn't make sense at that moment. I know me, you know you. Maybe, Magic of Making Up will help even in a small way.

Over the next few weeks Magic of Making Up will begin to be featured on Lilly's Cafe. I invite your comments too. I too, can learn from you my friend.

We'll talk soon, in the mean time, in between time, chin up! We'll go thru this together.

Until then,

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