Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Puzzle of Making Money Online. (open now)

A really cool blogger asked me to hand you this...

Hi My fellow bloggers,

If you don't want to discover the EASIEST and most BASIC way to start earning online, then delete this email now. (This was one of my e-mails)

Otherwise, glue your eyes to this message and read every word!

Recent poll results show that beginner Internet marketers have NOT made even $1 on the web yet!

Shocking, isn't it?!

The main problem comes down to this one thing.

They are MISSING crucial pieces of the "make money on the Internet"puzzle.

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A lot of ebooks and video guides people buy these days LACK some of the most important parts needed for beginners to get over the big hurdles of setting up a money making online business.

It's very HARD TO FIND a complete guide that will take you step-by-step through the whole process of creating and marketing a profitable website.

However, there IS a system that is complete and is GUARANTEED to start you earning online!---------------------------------------------

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine who's name is "John".

John set up a blog in less than 2 hours on day on the theme of weddings (he was enagaged to be married at that time).

John started posting about how he and his wife met and things they did together during the engagement, presents etc.

To cut a long story short, John's simple wedding blog earns him in excess of $3000 per month!

Here's the amazing part

John set his blog up in under 2 hours, takes 1 hour to post to it every other day and tweak it and receives HEFTY PAYCHECKS every single month.

It blows all these other complex and expensiveprograms out of the water with it's SIMPLICITY!

But here's where YOU come into the scene...

John has written down everything he knows about blogging and compiled a 200+ page guide called "Blogger's Paycheck".

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For a limited time at a discounted price, you can get instant download access to John's system for making $2000 - $3000 per month from your very own blog.

* You don't need ANY prior knowledge of blogging

* You don't need to invest a huge amount of money

* You don't need to spend a lot of time (2 hours!)

* You don't need to use any hard SELLING tactics

This is a complete guide to take you, even if you are a total beginner marketer who has been failing up until now and transform you into a blogging superstar.

You are even backed by John's 8 week money back guarantee so you will either make money or you don't have to pay a cent!

And did I mention the bonuses?

John is really confident you will succeed with his system because he is even offering you access to him!

You wil be able to contact John personally to his email address and get expert help about your blog.

You don't often see a bonus like that ANYWHERE!

And that's not the only bonus you get.

But when you see the price for everything, including the 200+ page guide and the bonuses, you'll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

But time is limited. This offer could change at any moment. The price could go up. The bonuses could disappear.

You simply must see this to believe it...it will change your online career.

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To your success,
Creator of Lilly's Cafe

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